Ambitious in the financial sector.

ASA Group has a financial division that provides services of securities mediation, collecting financial means and investing in transferable securities. In 2007 ASA founded an insurance company, as well as a leasing company, and in 2010 it became the majority shareholder of a domestic bank which, under its new name “Moja Banka”, completes the Group’s offer of services for its end buyers. In 2015, we have additionally strengthened our position in the banking sector by becoming the majority shareholder of IK Bank and investing into the ownership structure of BamCard, with the aim of offering a unique set of financial services in the domestic market.
With the acquisition of Vakuf Bank in 2019 and its merger with ASA Bank, we are creating the largest domestic bank with a tendency for further growth. ASA Group is the only company in BiH that is simultaneously present in the insurance, banking sector, as well as in the area of fund management and FinTech solutions.