About Us

Years of Tradition and Trust

ASA Group was founded near the end of 1995, having four employees working in the field of selling cars and car parts, as well as car rental. The Group has grown rapidly and diversified its portfolio.

ASA Group has 20 member companies from different business fields and over 1200 employees.
Continuous investments and innovative ideas were essential to ASA becoming one of the pillars of BH economy and society.
From its beginnings until now, ASA Group reinvested all the realized profit into further growth and business development, which paved the way to our current success. ASA is nowadays a brand recognizable not only in BH but in the region as well. The basis of our business rests on the idea of entrepreneurship that has led us over the years. We are committed to strengthening Bosnia’s economy and society through continuous investment and development of new services. Being part of the leading business system in BiH, we have a very good understanding of the needs in the domestic market and through the success of clients, we have succeeded. ASA Group is open to all good business ideas and leading by example ready to motivate new investors to invest in BiH.